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logoDance stars is a competition that focuses specifically on classical ballet, jazz, modern dance, show dance and various other dance styles.
We offer dancers from all over Belgium and the Netherlands a platform where they can practise their passion for dance. We want to challenge these dancers to improve their skills and be the best they can be.

All the dancers are classified by their age and level of skills. At these competitions you can compete in solo’s, duo’s and in teams.

We distinguish 3 categories for the various styles:
* Classical ballet
* Jazz / Modern
* Open category: Show Dance, Street, Musical, Cheerdance, Tap, Belly Dance, Disco, etc, ..

We organize the Belgian Championships, Dutch Championships and there is even a EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS.
Will you be the new European Dance Star?!

To end the season in a good way, we organize a competition in the amusement amusement parks Slagharen and Bobbejaanland,
A great combination between competition and fun.



This are the rules for 2019-2020.
RULES 2019-2020


You can send the music for the competition via the button below



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REGULAR MUSIC up and until European Championships

Solo Regular Klassiek
Solo Regular Modern/Jazz
Solo Regular Open
Solo Regular Hedendaags
Duo Regular Klassiek
Duo Regular Jazz/Modern
Duo Regular Open
Duo Regular Hedendaags


Registration fee for DANCERS is paid after registration.
Registration is complete after the registration fee is paid.


Tickets for SPECTATORS & COACHES can be purchased through DANCE24.

Spectators up to and including 4 years old do NOT pay an entrance fee.

Tickets can be purchased in advance via an e-ticket or at the box office.