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Then you can register.
After registering via this system you can pay online registration/extra dance. A dancer buys his / her ticket through Dance24.


If you have tickets from season 2019-2020 do not pay your new registration mail us first.


1. Tickets for PARTICIPANTS can be purchased through DANCE24 (Due to corona NOT at the box office)
2. For this the dancer can dance: Freestyle round, Solo Regular & Duo / Trio Regular
3. If a dancer would like to participate in another part, they will pay per extra competitor number**
4. Spectators up to and including 4 years old DO NOT pay entrance.
5. Spectator tickets will be distributed trough the dance school due to corna (this can be changed last minute).
6. A different price applies to the European Championship. More info at the event itself.


This has to be paid in advance upon registration

ENTRANCE TICKETS VIA DANCE24European Championships more info