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30-04-2020: Dear dancers, coaches, dance schools and parents,

We have a news update for you!
First of all, we hope that every one of you is still in good health.
After the press conference it is clear that the competitions Dance Stars Slagharen and Dance Stars Bobbejaanland cannot take place due to the corona virus.

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28-03-2020: First of all, we hope everyone among you is still in good health.

About a month ago, we were told that the coronavirus was also spreading in Europe. What was then ridiculously dismissed as a “flu” turned a serious matter a few weeks later, resulting in the ban on events. After that it still did not get through to all people and the government had to introduce even stricter rules. This resulted in the Netherlands being banned from organizing events / gatherings until 1 June.

In Belgium, the government also switched quickly and took strict measures in early March. At the moment, there is still a ban on organizing events / meetings until April 19, but we unfortunately expect that they will also be extended.

We have prepared a letter with the most frequently asked questions that we receive as an organization. We hope to inform you all about the current situation.

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This are the rules for 2019-2020
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